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Praise the fangirls!

I am way too tired to take responsibilty for what comes out of this post! Let me just start by that warning! I am in bed, and my dog looked at me so cute i allowed him to sleep at my feet, and I'm soon about to turn in. I have started this ritual (can it be called a ritual after three days?) of taking my mini-computer to bed, have music on, dimme the lights, and read a fanfiction before I shut the lights completely off and wander off to dreamland. What better way to end the day, right?

And this has been haunting my thoughts more than one time before. After I started reading in communities, or looking into the fanworld, I have realized one thing : Battlestar Galactica fangirls are smart! And so are Mary McDonnell fangirls.

When I've been questioned : "who's your favorite actress?" My answer has always been straight! "Meryl Streep!" now it has changed to "Meryl Streep and Mary McDonnell" (!!),

and then i ask back, and I get answers like "Jessica Alba" or "Jennifer Aniston". I'm not trying to talk badly about any of these two, but it has made me sometimes feel a bit different for looking so much more deeply into the actresses and love the ones that people refer to as "The one in the movie with the wolves?" or "that old lady?" (until I found somone who shared this and is just as awesome as myself)

But my point is, and I think I had one, like I said, I am really tired, and I should've probably made this post sometime I was completely alert, cause maybe then I would've been able to express it to the level it deserves- but then again I'm thinking, when am I ever truly alert? *g*

Point yes! Praise us fangirls of Mary McDonnell, BSG, Meryl Streep !


Have an excellent weekend to you all !

And just to end this perfectly, so that the whole post wasn't a waste :


Don't know what I'm doing!

Up until the last year, I didn't even know how to download movies to a computer. (not that I am doing this now, it is agains the law of course! ..) I had facebook, and I knew how to work my way around the internet, and I thought this was all I had to do to be brilliant in computer technology, I did teach my grands how to use theirs afterall, and they called me a genius! So I rested with that.. But I have come to realize I really don't know anything about technology. Just yesterday, my partner in all damage I do in the world, took a look at my new computer I got for christmas, and fixed all the things I had been irritating my ass off since I got it, in 10 MINUTES!! (while I was watching grey's! which I downloaded all by myself to the computer btw! or no, i didn't download, that's right..eer..) Point being! I don't know what I'm doing. And this is me testing if I actually manage to post an entry.. Although I feel like I am just talking to myself, cause I haven't managed to add friends to this thing even. But I am making progress!
(now it's just to press "post" .. right?)



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